Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with Coloring

I thought I would share an idea with you guys. I have started using my kids Crayola bathtub crayons to memorize scripture. It's great! Showering is something pretty consistent in my life. Sooo, I write the scripture on the shower wall in tub crayon and everyday while I am in the shower I can rewrite the scripture again. Thus, I get a shower, I get some truth to start my day with and I get to store up God's word in my heart, and it makes showering less boring. I have found it to be a practical, helpful way of getting God's word into my day in small, simple ways. Hope it is helpful.
What are some helpful and unique ideas from you ladies for getting God's word into your day?


Allie Jennings said...

Hi Steph:

I saw a link to your blog on one of our small ground friend's blog (if that makes sense...) We go to N. Wake too. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I think that idea is brilliant!!!

I know a lot of people try to incorporate prayer / scripture memorization during showers or house clean up time when your brain is sort of on autopilot, so I love your idea because it makes it so much easier--thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I stumbled upon your blog through another North Wake Family, so glad I did! Heather Mattern here by the way!