Monday, September 24, 2007

The Great Comforter

This post has for it the soul purpose of lifting up the broken hearted to Him who comforts the deepest places of our hearts. In this week, I have become aware of numerous couples who are suffering tragedy in regards to their little ones. This kind of pain cannot be soothed by earthly resources of any kind. But in their rooms, alone-in the deep well of their emotions-in the quiet moments-our Father is there. And he holds, provides grace, brings comfort, and lets us cry, pouring out love upon love. And so this is my prayer for these sweet brothers and sisters and their precious little ones. That though they are all but consumed with grief, they WILL be consumed with the tender,loving grace and comfort of the father. we love you all.
-one couple found out their first child, a little girl whom they are currently pregnant with, has dandy walker syndrome, a developmental disorder in the brain. They simply wait to see what this will look for their daughter.
-one couple just had their first child, also a little girl, who in her first weeks of life has been suffering seizures.
-John Piper's son and daughter in law just lost their second child, a little girl, after she was still born a day before her due date.

Let us all lift these families up to the one who made them and their children. May we not dispare at the suffering this life brings, but instead find hope in the joy the next life brings.

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